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About Joey

I was born and raised for the most part in McKinney. My third great-grandfather, Capt. James Lowry, settled in Collin County in the early 1860's. Lowry's Crossing is named after him. I have had family in Collin County since that time. For most of my married life I have lived in Allen.

Over 27 years ago I married an angel, Charity. Her name describes her perfectly. Together we are raising 7 of the sweetest, hardworking kids around. We live a pretty sweet life. Charity is a teacher and I am a residential real estate broker.

Since I was a young man I have been been involved in community service. I find great pleasure in giving back and being part of the solutions that make our community a great place to be. I have served on the Allen City Council for 9.5 years and in many, many other positions. Some of my favorite service has been after the Moore tornadoes or Hurricane clean ups after Rita and Harvey. In each instance working side by side with family, friends, and victims has touched my soul.

I have always been a very hands on public servant. From Boy Scouts, Community Emergency Response Teams, Kiwanis, Church, to City Council, I am not afraid to roll up sleeves and get to work. 

One of my greatest honors is having served the people and my community of Allen, TX. I have stood on the shoulders of giants and done my best to reach even higher. Allen is a great place and I am very pleased to have worked with some of the finest men and women around, including Councilmembers, Staff, Volunteers, and citizens. We haven't always agreed on everything, yet, there is no question about hearts being in the right place nor the results we have achieved.

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