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With over 150 people a day moving to Collin County, we are one of the fastest growing counties in the U.S.. But then again, you probably already have seen the clues all around you. I believe the Commissioners Court needs to be much more aggressive in solving these problems. The County planning board recommended holding a bond election in November 2017. However, some commissioners thought it best to wait. Asking the County to wait is like the Mayor of Houston asking the citizens to wait out the storm. It is disastrous.


Collin County is served by 11 district courts and 7 county courts at law. The district courts serve populations approximately 45% higher than the state average. They are holding their own and doing more with less for now but that cannot continue much longer. The courts will need expansion soon before the burden becomes overwhelming.

Sheriff's Office

For years the Sheriff's office has been under staffed. This year the Commissioners finally increased the budget to add 17 deputies. 17! Wow. I feel bad for former Sheriff Terry Box and am so glad Sheriff Skinner brought this need to the forefront. However, we are still behind. Our new Sheriff has been going to the small towns asking for them to appropriate money to further meet the needs of that office. It's not right.

Additionally, a concern has been shared that hiring 17 and keeping the deputies we have will be difficult. The current court treats the Sheriff's office like every other employee. Pretty much every city treats their public safety officers differently. It is not uncommon to lose deputies to local cities due to better compensation plans. The County must adopt a step program to hire and retain deputies. 

Budget and Taxes

The Commissioners Court has been very austere in the past. The County employees have been rock stars to do as much as they have been able to do. I have no problem with the effective tax rates that have been set the last few years. The incumbent has boasted about cutting the tax rate over 13% since 2011. Even with that I have seen a 22% increase in county taxes on my own residence in the last 5 years. So, where is the money going? The County now has a $200m surplus. That is nearly 10 months of expenditures for the entire county. 

A few elected officials around the County have said the Commissioners Court and my opponent in particular have been penny wise and pound foolish. It is past time to invest in our roads, courts, and Sheriff's department.

Term Limits

As an Allen City Councilman I promised to step away if I were fortunate to be elected to three full terms. I have kept that promise. You are not likely to see other elected officials make that promise at the beginning. I will make that same promise now.

Lake Lavon Bridge

There are a number of reasons to be against this bridge. First, and foremost is the impact this will have in Wylie. Wylie already has a traffic bullseye on it. I don't think this solution helps those citizens. And, then there is the enormous cost and impact on citizens and wildlife to be considered. I believe the current County Commissioner has ignored too many roads for far too long in precinct two. Many roads should be expanded, shoulders added, and intersections upgraded.

Private Property Rights

There is no question in my mind that special consideration should be given to property owners in regards to development. Our private property rights are central to our being American. 

Mental Health Issues

I spent six months as the foreman on a Collin County grand jury. I have some understanding of how mental health issues are becoming a significant challenge to our courts and public safety officers. I am sure they are also great concerns to families and doctors as well. We must join hands to find solutions that will help all involved.

Strengthening Families 

Families are central to our society. Government should make families a priority. Whether the discussion is on transportation mobility, public safety, justice, education or anything else, families must be a central focus. 

Faith and Freedom

Faith and freedom really go together. I do not believe the major problems we face today are political, social, or even physical. A German philosopher once said. "We are not human beings on a spiritual journey but, spiritual beings on a human journey." I believe we are all brothers and sisters with an incredible Heavenly Father. And, we would all benefit greatly by remembering that  more often. 

Your Issues

If you have any questions, I'm just a phone call away... 469-583-3538.

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